常言道,只工作不玩耍,聪明小孩能变笨 的翻译是:The saying goes

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As the saying goes, work and no play, smart kids become stupid


The saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a boy a dull boy


The saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a boy a dull boy


There is a wise saying that not only work, smart kids will remain unchanged by playing


As the saying goes, only works does not play, the intelligent child can change silly


aOh I'm so hungry. 噢我更饿。 [translate]

ato notiy unersity people of important schedule changes 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

aDid you fall high fever 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

athe first thing you have to do is to turn to the index page which has an easy-to –remember page number 您应该做的第一件事是转向有就会的索引页-记住页数 [translate]

a他头疼得很厉害 He has a headache very much fiercely [translate]

aHe observes that buyers in one country can be more sophisticated and demanding than in any other and that this pressures local firms to come up with innovation 他分析买家在一个国家可以是非常出众的跟要求比在任何其它,并且这使得地方公司搞去探索 [translate]

aCauses the entire view to draw 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

a新时速 New speed [translate]

aITS A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND I CAN'T SFF IT 它美丽天跟我不能SFF它 [translate]

afrozen nozzle will choose targets more intellgently 冻喷管将选择目标intellgently [translate]

aVorgeferfigteu Vorgeferfigteu [translate]

a我不能教他们 I cannot teach you [translate]

a刘易阳要到上海出差,临行前和女朋友童佳倩告别,两人仍然从里高中时就谈恋爱,爱情长跑拉了近十年,但性格依然非常好。 Liu Yiyang must go to Shanghai to travel on official business, just before leaving front and girlfriend Tong Jia says goodbye attractively, although two people from on high school time is in love, love long-distance race has pulled in the recent ten years, but the sentiment extremely is as before go [translate]

abut i thought you should know i'm not really very happy right now 但我觉得您必须了解i'm不真实地比较愉快现在 [translate]

a我决定明天到北京 I decided tomorrow will go to Beijing [translate]


a雀巢致力于与人员组建长期稳固的关系,以人为本 Nestle devotes in establishes the long-term stability relations with the staff, humanist [translate]

a小镇占地五平方英里 Small town occupying a land area of five square miles [translate]

a当他们出去时可以坐公交车或车辆 When the people egress may ride the public transportation or the automobile [translate]

asomeone who makes me wanna sing 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

a少量的同学要解答这个原因 The few students can answer this question [translate]

aHighly similar and Highly similar and accurate team mental models lead to coordinated decision making and performance based on shared common knowledge (mental models) 高度相同和高度相近和具体队精神模型出现按照共有的共同的知识跟表现的被协调的决定作(精神模型) [translate]

aqwants to import cocopeat from your company. 进口cocopeat的qwants从您的公司。 [translate]

ait is used by people 人使用它 [translate]

a2. Enter your Login ID, Activation Code and Password in activation page, then click on confirm. 2. 输入您的登录ID会玩的孩子才会学英语在线学英语,活化机理代码和密码在活化作用页,然后点击证实。 [translate]

a如果他找到了一份好的工作,他仍能找更好的 Even if he had found a good work, he also wants to look well [translate]

aBefore the time limit is up I want you to squeeze my tit 30 times! READY? GO!!! 在期限上升我之前要您紧压我的山雀30次! 准备好? 去!!! [translate]

a. has to travel a greater distance . 必须旅行一个非常了不起的距离 [translate]

ahow is everying with you 怎么everying与您 [translate]

aI would be ready to protect you with me all 我打算保护您与我所有 [translate]

awish u the best 愿望u最佳 [translate]

aThis girl touches something hot. 这个孩子接触热的事。 [translate]

aWow, it’s a surprise you come from the same university? 哇,它是您来自同一所大学的惊奇? [translate]

awrite me there please and send your photo so I know it's you 写我哪里取乐并且送您的照片,因此我知道它是您 [translate]

aupcoming activities 即将来袭的活动 [translate]

aI like the golden beach 我喜欢金黄海滩 [translate]

a我们待在家里做作业,不到看电影 We treat at home do one's assignment, does not watch the movie [translate]

a我的事情是 待在原地等待援助 My idea is treats in-situ waiting aid [translate]

a我跟她说,因为和你不是直系亲属,所以不能来照顾 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

aDark.swf Dark.swf [translate]

a有三个年级会玩的孩子才会学英语,每个高三20个班。 Some three grades, each grade 20 classes. [translate]

a参加篮球队 Participation basketball team [translate]

aescape being done 做的逃命 [translate]

athis article is said to be superior to that one in style 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

a少个筋板 Few muscle board [translate]

a多亏了它得帮助英语口语一对一培训,我英语已获得了巨大的进步。 Had been lucky she must help, my English has made the very big progress. [translate]

a交不起它学生的学费 Cannot pay her child's school expense [translate]

ato memorize the English words and grammatical 记住英国词和英语 [translate]

a为你许个愿望希望,祝福你飞的高飞的远 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

aThis idea soon went out of fashion, but was brought back by a Japanese television host named Toshitake Nomi in the 1970s. 这个问题随后由在70年代命名的Toshitake Nomi日本电视主人过时了,但带回。 [translate]

a至每年春节,我们将在这里工作了四年 To the next year year's end, we have worked in here for four years [translate]

a碳粉盒寿命 Carbon face powder box life [translate]

amatters arising under a treaty or affecting representative of other countries 正在翻译,请期待...[translate]

aNothing seek nothing find 没怎么 寻求 没多大 发现 [translate]

ain the game 在比賽 [translate]

aharvest2 poltergeists harvest2捉弄人的鬼 [translate]

aI hate my math teacher she doesn't explain well 必须更吃保留ging [translate]

a常言道,只工作不玩耍,聪明小孩能变笨 As the saying goes, only works does not play, the intelligent child can change silly [translate]

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